Hall of Fame 2017

On Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017, the Oiler Alumni Hall of Fame inducted eight outstanding alumni into its 5th Induction Class - the Class of 2017: Frank Akers, Dr. Rodger Elble, Dr. Jeff Ettling, Dr. Laura (Pulaski) Hill, Dr. Phil Kladar, Prof. Doug Laycock, Bill Magurany (posthumous), and Ron Milligan (posthumous). Each inductee was presented by a friend or family member prior to the inductee giving his/her acceptance. As is often the case, many of the inductees talked about their fondness for EAWR and specifically credited teachers with their success in high school and beyond.

Catering was provided by Mother's Catering. Ninety-five family and guests were in attendance, along with members of the Hall of Fame Panel and School Board. Unfortunately, Dr. Ettling could not attend due to a prior commitment, but was recognized at the dinner.

Below are the inductees or their families holding their plaques, which will be on display shortly in the Main Building, along with the plaques from the Classes of 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2015. The inductees also received a commemorative engraved watch and an artist's sketch of themselves in high school. Also, Prof. Laycock, Dr. Kladar, and Mr. Frank Akers were honored in front of the home crowd at the preceding Friday night football game.