Please read this entire notice before attempting to use Family Access.

East Alton-Wood River Community High School is pleased to provide the Student and Family Access Service. An online portal that allows students and parents to monitor Academic Progress at EAWR. The portal provides up-to-date information on student schedules, attendance records, assignments, grades, and grade history as well as current lunch account balance. A username and password are required to access this site.

Parents who have used Family Access previously:

You may use the Family Access portal with the same username and password that you have been using. Please make sure to update your email address if it has changed so that you get proper notifications. If you do not remember your username and/or password, please use the "forgot password" button on the top left corner of the login screen to retrieve your access information. You will be asked to provide the email address that you have on record with the school and login information will be sent to that address.

Parents who have NOT used Family Access previously:

Parents can obtain their own username and password by clicking here and filling out the request form. This is an automated system and requires a valid email address in order to send you a username and password. Please do not call the school to ask for a username and password, the online request form is the only way to generate a new account. The username and password will come from the email address "" - Please check your spam filters to be able to receive mail from the domain ""

Student Access:

Students can obtain their username and password from their advisory teacher. Students should NOT use the online request system. Student requests will be discarded.

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Chromebook Repair Fees - New for 2014-15!

In an attempt to protect the very valuable investment that the Board of Education has made in its Chromebook 1-1 Program, it has adopted the following fee structure for repairs made to Chromebooks, beginning with the 2014-15 school year. After a year’s experience in working with the Samsung Chromebook and the damages we have seen with many of these school-owned devices, the administration has determined that some students are not taking proper care of their assigned Chromebook. The administration has observed some students not opening and closing the display properly; improperly storing and carrying the Chromebook when not in use; and other forms of preventable neglect or abuse.

The Board has taken a two-prong approach to this problem. 1) The District will purchase and install plastic protective covers this summer on all of the Chromebook machines before distributing to students. These covers should help in protection of the case and display. 2) The District will charge students and parents a set of fees for repairs to the Chromebook, when it is determined that the damage was not due to normal wear & tear or the fault of the manufacturer, but by the student not following proper procedures. The Board regrets having to use this fee structure, but did not want to increase the $30 damage waiver already charged to all students who wish to take their assigned Chromebook off campus. That damage waiver will stay at last year’s cost of $30.

Therefore, a schedule of charges will be awarded to students for the repair and/or replacement of the following damaged parts of the Chromebook. Please note that parents who purchase the $30 annual damage waiver receive a discount on the repair charges. Also note that the "no damage waiver paid" charges represent the actual cost of the replacement parts to the District. 

PartNo Damage Waiver PaidDamage Waiver Paid
Screen$ 53$ 29
Top Cover$ 29$ 11
LCD Bezel$ 19$ 10
Hinge Cover$ 18$  9
Charging Port$  9$  5
AC Adaptor$ 46$ 46 (unless mechanical failure)
Carry Bag$ 35$ 35

If you have any questions regarding this new policy, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Pearson ( or at Ext. 2502. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.