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Senior Recognition Awards

posted May 28, 2019, 1:11 PM by John Pearson
On May 8, 2019, the 2019 graduating class was recognized in front of their fellow students, their parents and family members for their accomplishments as a class and as individuals, at an assembly in Memorial Gym.

Although many students received recognition, here are the major individual scholarship and honors award winners from the Class of 2019:  

Big Sister Senior Scholarship Award of $200- Kate Booten

St. Louis Post Dispatch Scholar Athlete- Shawn McKee

United States Army Reserves Presentation- Austin Compton

Merle Bassett Scholarship- Jordan Yenne

Orville and Kathleen Brunjes Memorial Scholarship- Shawn McKee and Jacob Cress

Shelter Insurance Scholarship- Jordan Yenne

Pump House Scholarship of $500- Katelyn Goodbrake and Jacob Sarich

Student Council Scholarship of $500- Kate Booten

Bill Perry Memorial Football Scholarship- Shawn McKee

Gary Lane Memorial Football Scholarship of $500- Mark Vann

East Alton American Legion Scholarship of $500- Sydney Slayden, Shawn McKee, Gage Booten

East Alton Rotary Scholarship- Tiffany McMahan and Lucas Vogt-Edwards

Midwest Oiler of the Year Scholarship- Kate Booten

Shirley Thatcher Memorial Scholarship of $500- Jordan Yenne

Senior Art Purchase Award- Jade Belcher

Honor Thespian- Katelyn Goodbrake

Wood River Kiwanis Club Scholarship- Sophia Stockdale

Wood River Masonic Lodge Scholarship- Sydney Slayden

Wood River Lions Scholarship of $500- Shawn McKee

Wood River Rotary of $750- Shawn McKee and Sydney Slayden

Jake Ringering Memorial Scholarship of $500- Shawn McKee and Mark Vann

Dr. Guillo Barbaro Memorial Scholarship of $1500- Kate Booten and Gage Booten

EAWR Educators Scholarship of $500- Sydney Slayden

DAR Good Citizenship Award- Carrie Price

SAR Good Citizenship Award- Shawn McKee

Elmer and Eunice St. Peters Scholarship of $1,000- Sydney Slayden

4 Year Perfect Attendance- Will Malone

Valedictorian- Shawn McKee