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Senior Recognition Assembly - 2021

posted May 11, 2021, 2:33 PM by John Pearson   [ updated May 11, 2021, 2:36 PM ]
On Wednesday, May 5, 2021, members of the Class of 2021 were recognized, with many Seniors being presented various awards and scholarships. Student Council President KayLee Melton led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. Below is a listing of the awards and their presenters: 

Mr. Gockel

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Scholar-Athlete Award: Jayden Ulrich

Inclusive Youth Leadership Certificate: KayLee Melton

DAR Good Citizenship Award: Megan Douglas

SAR Good Citizenship Award: KayLee Melton

All seniors who participated in at least one extracurricular activity was recognized, as well.

Mrs. Vambaketes

Phillips 66 CAP Scholarship: Jasmine Finley & KayLee Melton

Big Sisters Scholarship Award: KayLee Melton and Faith Van Hoose

National Honor Society: Hannah Allen, Evan Bardsley, McKenzie Dooley, Jasmine Finley, MaKenzie Garland, Andrew Harrison, Abigail King, Hayleigh Maher, Mallory Martin, KayLee Melton, Evan Merritt, Lindzey Morrison, Taylor Murray, Christian Redman, Sarah Salinas, Hannah Sechrest, Emma Seibert, Haley Stief, Jayden Ulrich, Brandon Wells, Mira Wilken, Karli Withers, and Gemma Yenne

Merle Bassett Memorial Scholarship: Christian Redman

Shelter Insurance Scholarship: KayLee Melton

Pump House Scholarships: Hayleigh Maher and Evan Merritt

Student Council Scholarship: KayLee Melton

Bill Perry Memorial Scholarship: Christian Redman

Gary Lane Memorial Scholarship: Caleb Yarborough

East Alton American Legion Scholarships: Dashiel Jones, Abby Yarborough, and Caleb Yarborough

Mrs. Struif

Midwest Oiler of the Year Scholarship: Emma Seibert

Cooperative Education Recognition: NEED FROM WENDY

Shirley Thatcher Memorial Scholarship: Gary Shemonia

Wood River Masonic Scholarship: Gemma Yenne

Wood River Lions Club Scholarship: KayLee Melton

Riverbend East Rotary Club Scholarship: Emma Seibert

EAWR Educators Scholarship: KayLee Melton and Abby Yarborough

Illinois State Scholars: Hayleigh Maher, Evan Merritt, Christian Redman, Emma Seibert, and Gemma Yenne

Mrs. Zipprich

Jake Ringering Memorial Scholarship: Taylor Murray

Mrs. Robinson

Elmer and Eunice St. Peters Scholarship: KayLee Melton

Meghan Hickerson Christian Teen Leader Scholarship: KayLee Melton

Illinois Principals Association - SW Division Seniors of the Year: Christian Redman and KayLee Melton

Shine Like Spencer Scholarship (Rustic Roots - Sponsor): Ahmad Allen

Presidential Academic Awards: Nicholus Edwards, Chase Garland, Hayleigh Maher, Evan Merritt, Ethan Miller, Andrew Oliger, Christian Redman, Emma Seibert, and Gemma Yenne

Distinguished Graduates: Hannah Allen, Evan Bardsley, Kenneth Beachum, Sareena Dale, McKenzie Dooley, Megan Douglas, Tony Elliott, Jasmine Finley, Makenzie Garland, Andrew Harrison, Dashiel Jones, Hayleigh Maher, Mallory Martin, KayLee Melton, Evan Merritt, Ethan Miller, Nathan Miller, Lindzey Morrison, Taylor Murray, Abigail Olinghouse, Scott Pratt, Christian Redman, Brenden Rudd, Katelyn Runde, Sarah Salinas, Kara Sauls, Hannah Sechrest, Emma Seibert, Gary Shemonia, Spencer Slayden,   Tabitha Staggs, Caden Stanton, Jayden Ulrich, Faith Van Hoose, Brandon Wells, Mira Wilkin, Karli Withers, Abigail Yarborough, and Gemma Yenne

Student-Reported Scholarships and Awards:  

Student                                        College                                       Scholarship                                  Amount

Katelyn Runde                              Lindenwood University                Academic                                       $7,000 renewable

  Mira Wilken                                  Lindenwood University                Academic Honors Program          $11,000 renewable

Gemma Yenne                             SIUE                                             Provost Scholarship                     Full Tuition

Nathan Miller                                California College of the Arts       Creative Achievement Award        $80,000

Jasmine Finley                             University of Illinois U-C                Illinois Promise                            Full Tuition

Kaylee Melton                             Illinois State University                  Honors College Scholarship              $500

                                                                                                           Aim High Scholarship                       $2,000 renewable

                                                                                                           Redbird Academic Scholarship         $5,500 renewable

                                                                                                           Evelyn J Rex Scholarship                 $3,000

                                                                                                           Outstanding Girl Scout Scholarship  $1,000

                                                                                                           SAR Scholarship                                   $500

                                                                                                           Busey Bank Scholarship                    $2,000

                                                                                                           Golden Apple Scholarship                $23,000 

Emma Seibert                               SIUE                                             Cougar Pride Scholarship                  $4,000 renewable

                                                                                                           Roxana Stephen Paynic  Schol            $500 

Ethan Miller                                   Illinois State University                 Redbird Academic Scholarship        $24,000 renewable

Hannah Sechrest                          SEMO                                           Redhawks Achievement Award          $6,173 renewable

                                                                                                            Copper Dome Scholarship               $13,200 total   

                                                                                                            Residence Life Leadership Award       $1,000 for 2 years and $2,000 for 2 years

                                                                                                            Cheerleading Scholarship                 Unknown amount

Madison Erwin                              SIUE                                              Cougar Pride Scholarship                    $4,000 renewable

Evan Merritt                                  SIUE                                               Cougar Pride Scholarship                   $4,000 renewable

Dashiel Jones                               University of Rochester                  Academic Scholarship                         $1,000

Christian Redman                         Purdue University                          Academic Scholarship                        Varies renewable

                                                                                                             Heisman Scholarship                         Varies renewable

Sarah Salinas                               SIUE                                              Cougar Pride Scholarship                     $4,000 renewable

                                                                                                           Johnetta Haley Scholarship                   $2,000 renewable

Dr. Pearson

Brunjes Scholarships: Jasmine Finley and Scott Pratt

Silver Medallion Awards: Hannah Allen, Jasmine Finley, Hayleigh Maher, Mallory Martin, Evan Merritt, Christian Redman, Sarah Salinas, Hannah Sechrest, Emma Seibert, Mira Wilken, and Gemma Yenne

Recognize and Announcement of Valedictorians: Hayleigh Maher, Evan Merritt, Christian Redman, Emma Seibert, and Gemma Yenne

Senior Teacher Awards (Teachers who will read graduates' names at Graduation: Stacy Vambaketes and Mike Lawson