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Renaissance Awards - Sept. 2015

posted Sep 23, 2015, 1:15 PM by John Pearson   [ updated Sep 23, 2015, 1:15 PM ]

Each year, EAWR uses the Renaissance Assembly to honor its students who have displayed exemplary behavior and attendance and who have earned high grades. During this fall's assembly, we honored the students who displayed these characteristics over the course of the 2nd Semester of 2014-15. The students listed below were all recognized by standing when their name was read and were each presented with a Renaissance Polo shirt and a certificate.

Renaissance Gold Level (4.0 GPA or higher)

Second Semester of 2014-15

Brenden Allen, Courtney Beneke, Caleb Bentley, Samuel Brantley, Caroline Campbell, Xavier Collman, Tori Covington, Kaylee Dailey, Christin Faulstich, Samuel Fillop, Emme Flanigan, Cameron Foust, Colin Gibbons, Shyanna Gray, Jennifer Hallstead, Brianne Hammond, Kelsey Hauser, Nicholas Hayes, Lori Hickerson, Zachary Hudson, Jennifer Hughes, Hunter Jones, Zachary Kincade, Ashley Knight, Blake Marks, Heather Martin, Allison Mitchell, Harlie Mitchell, Marrisa Morrison, Mackenzie Munn, Emilee Olinghouse, Timothy Oseland, Lauren Reynolds, Lauren J. Robinson, Michelle Seitzinger, Haley Shewmake, Emily Smith, Raechel Springman, Rachel Staten, Brayden Stone, Emma Stone, Chase Wallendorff, Lauren Wayman, Zachary Wells, Zachary Womack

Renaissance Maroon Level (3.5 - 3.99 GPA)

Second Semester of 2014-15

Olivia Archer-Ramsey, Emily Auten, Joseph Barnerd, Adelynn Bentley, Joel Biesk, Jesse Brewer, Mackenzie Crutchley, Zachary Davis, Chandler Eckhoff, Justin Englar, Brian Fudurich, Brittany Grayson, Ashley Grigg, Madison Hampsey, Tyler Hayes, Kayla Hewlett, Alexandria Johnson, Jacob Johnson, Samantha Johnson, Jacob Kerpan, Megan King, Tristan Lawson, Sebastian Ledesma, Morgan Moxey, Austin Nailor, Rebekah Null, Caitlyn Olinghouse, Heatherrose Parker, Ian Patton, Susan Phinney, Brittany Pierce, Rebecca Renken, Emilee Sabatino, Danielle Shimchick, Amanda Smay, Alyssa Volk, Riley Wallendorff, Zaide Wilson

Renaissance Silver Level (3.0 - 3.49 GPA)

Second Semester of 2014-15

Nichole Bailey,David Barrett, Nicholas Barrett, Bryce Bazzell, Courtney Bazzell, Cody Blacklock, Victoria Bugg, Abigail Cathey, Carissa Gilreath, Hunter Hall, Katherine Hall, Tyler Hamby, Bethany Hartnett, Evan Jensen, Maisie Kaylor, Kenzie King, Hanna Lamere, James Lee, Brianna Lewis, Luke Lile, Paul Magurany, Jacob Martin, Kiaira McCarvey, Dalton Miller, Natalie Mundel, Ashton Murray, Jacob Mustain, Blake Neiworth, Kiersten Niethe, Hunter O’Brien, Darin Redden, Jordan Schmidgall, Matthew Shea, Andrew Sobol, Adrianna Stangle, Levi Talley, Andrew Tankersley, Alyssa Troxtell, Joshua Turner, Jacob Vassos, Morgan Wiegand

Renaissance White Level (Improvement of GPA of 0.5 or more as compared with the previous semester)

Second Semester of 2014-15

Roger Garrison, Jordan Mellenthin, Rebecca Nottke, Sean Welch, Brandon Yarborough

Perfect Attendance - 2014-15 (all-year)

Nelson Beilsmith, Xavier Collman, Cameron Foust, Colin Gibbons, Jacob Hall, Brittany Pierce, Emilee Sabatino, Zach Womack

Perfect Attendance - 2nd Semester of 2014-15

Nelson Beilsmith, Xavier Collman, Aaron Finley, Cameron Foust, Brian Fudurich, Colin Gibbons, Jacob Hall, Kelsey Hauser, James Lee, Caitlyn Olinghouse, Brittany Pierce, Emilee Sabatino, Michelle Seitzinger, Austin Slimick, Josh Turner, Zach Womack

Prize Drawing Winners

As usual, we award prizes to Renaissance students whose names are drawn during the assembly. Here are the prize winners (see photo below, too)

Gold Level:  Beats Pill / Haley Shewmake;  $50 Wal-Mart GC / Brianne Hammond;  $25 Movie GC / Michelle Seitzinger; $20 Buffalo Wild Wings GC / Lori Hickerson; (2) $25 Casey”s GC / Tim Oseland and Harlie Mitchell; $25 Wal-Mart GC / Sam Brantley; $25 Applebee’s GC / Jennifer Hallstead; (5) $10 Subway GC / Lauren Robinson, Zach Wells, Mackenzie Munn, Emma Stone, Zack Womack; Earbuds / Brenden Allen

Maroon Level:  24" HDTV / Kayla Hewlett; $25 Wal-Mart GC / Alexandria Johnson; $25 Movie GC / Riley Wallendorff; $20 Buffalo Wild Wings GC / Emily Auten; $25 Casey’s GC / Joel Biesk; $25 Applebee’s GC / Chandler Eckhoff; (5) $10 Subway GC / Alyssa Volk, Sebastian Ledesma, Mackenzie Crutchley, Rebecca Renken, Joseph Barnerd

Silver Level:  BlueRay Player  / Luke Lile; $25 Wal-Mart GC / Kenzie King; $25 Movie GC / Paul Magurany; $20 Buffalo Wild Wings GC / Nick Barrett; $25 Casey’s GC / Bethany Hartnett; (5)  $10 Subway GC’s / Bryce Bazzell, Hanna Lamere, Kierra McCarvey, Morgan Wiegand, Kiersten Niethe; $25 Applebee’s GC / Andrew Tankersley

White Level: $25 Casey’s GC / Rebecca Nottke; $25 Applebee’s GC / Sean Welch

Perfect 2nd Semester Attendance: $50 Wal-Mart GC / Jacob Hall; $25 Movie GC / Xavier Collman; $20 Buffalo Wild Wings GC / Colin Gibbons; $25 Applebee’s GC / Zach Womack; (3)  $10 Subway GC’s / Brittany Pierce, Michelle Seitzinger, Austin Slimick

Perfect Attendance All Year: $20 Buffalo Wild Wings GC / Nelson Beilsmith; $25 Wal-Mart GC / Zach Womack; (3)  $10 Subway GC’s / Xavier Collman, Cameron Foust, Emilee Sabatino

Congrats to all of our Renaissance students and to our prize winners! We are proud of you!