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posted Apr 20, 2015, 8:15 AM by John Pearson

At approximately 7:50 AM this morning, EAWR Principal Leigh Robinson received a phone call from the Wood River Police Department that a suspicious individual was seen walking on Wood River Ave. and that the individual may be armed. Mrs. Robinson contacted the superintendent and put the high school in Lockdown.  

Lockdown mode prescribes that all students move immediately to class or to a safe area supervised by adults. Students that are in their respective classroom stay there. Doors are monitored with school staff. Further, police officers and school administrators sweep the hallways and common areas to insure that students are secure and that no unauthorized individuals are present. 

Those procedures were followed according to our emergency plans, with Wood River Police assisting - just as rehearsed on many occasions. 

We would like to assure parents and the community that there were no students or staff persons in harms way this morning, nor were there any threats received against students or staff from any outside individuals.  This lockdown procedure was done as a precaution, according to our emergency plan. 

Indeed, after conferring with police officials, it was determined that we would be able to allow students to pass between buildings during “passing periods,” but that, as a precaution, we would still require students to stay in their respective classrooms and buildings - likely through the end of the day, or at least until we receive further reports from the police. Also, we will continue using only one entrance and exit door in each building. 

EAWR would like to thank the outstanding response and cooperation from the Wood River Police Department, as well as the patience and cooperation from our students, staff, and parents in this lockdown.