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Entry System Begins April 30th

posted Apr 26, 2018, 8:51 AM by John Pearson   [ updated Apr 26, 2018, 8:54 AM ]

April 26, 2018

Dear EAWR Parents:

As you likely have heard by now, EAWR will institute new entry procedures with the aim of creating a safer school and campus environment for all of our students and staff. These new procedures will be in effect as of Monday, April 30, 2018.

Fence/Gate Installation -  Rationale and Characteristics

In the interest of protecting students and staff and providing additional security measures to the EAWR campus, the Board has recently erected a fence and gate system that, during the school day, will completely close off Whitelaw Avenue between the Main & South Buildings (west of Whitelaw) and the East Building (east of Whitelaw). The fence and gates are constructed with attractive and functional qualities, but with the intention of shutting off all vehicle and pedestrian traffic during school hours. This will allow students and staff to pass between buildings and cross the street with greater confidence in their own safety.

Camera/Buzzer System - Rationale and Characteristics:  

The second major piece of the new security system is the installation of a new camera/buzzer entry system and procedures. As is the case with the fence/gate system on Whitelaw, this system will strengthen security to the campus by controlling access to visitors. Using a controlled access and entry system to school buildings is a common feature of most schools.

Entry Points and Entry Procedures for Parents and Visitors:

The camera/buzzer entry system will be in use during the school day. After the 8:00 AM tardy bell, only two authorized points of entry will be available for parents and visitors to the campus: The center doors (“M-1”) of the Main Building (the westernmost door) and the East Building doors (“E-2”) facing the bus circle (also, the westernmost door).

To gain entry at either of these two points, all visitors must ring the buzzer, which will be answered by a member of the office staff. Visitors will need to state their business and, according to the situation, may be required to show some sort of ID to gain entry (unless personally known to the office staff person answering the buzzer). The office staff person will view the video image of the person(s) desiring entry and, when satisfied, will activate the door opening device. Visitors may be asked to wait until positively identified.

If you are driving your son/daughter to school after 8:00 (e.g. from a doctor’s appointment, over-sleeping, etc.), please drop them off near the bus circle (next to the Memorial Stadium). Late-arriving students should enter the bus circle door (“E-2”) to the East Building, and then proceed to the Attendance Center to sign-in.

Parents with school business during the school day in the East Bldg are encouraged through signage and other communication to enter at the bus circle doors. Other cases will be handled as appropriate by the Main Building Office Staff.

Once a visitor is recognized and admitted, he/she shall immediately report to either the designated office to pick-up a visitor pass and sign-in. On some occasions, that visitor may be asked to wait for the appropriate staff person to meet them in the office and to escort them to where they need to go - especially if the visitor is new to the campus and may not know the layout.

To make it easier on parents and visitors to the East Building (Guidance Office, Attendance Center, School Nurse, Special Education meetings, etc.), parents and visitors may park in the in one of the last two rows by the west (Wood River Ave.) side of the Gym parking lot, since those spots are not reserved for students. In 2018-19, we also designate three closer-in parking spots for visitors to the East Building in that parking lot. Parents and visitors to the Main Building (Business Office, Main Office, etc.) may park in the lot on the corner of Chessen St. and Wood River Ave. or in front of the Main Building. See the photos below ...

Most schools in the state have a camera/buzzer system of entry. Such is the nature of the times in which we live, unfortunately. Few schools (if any) have a public street running through the middle of the campus, where students and staff pass regularly during the course of the school day. The fencing and gates and buzzer entry points have been installed to help address that unusual circumstance.

We thank you in advance for your patience in this transition. Please remember that if you have business in the Main Building, park in front of the Main Building or in the school lot on Wood River Ave. & Chessen St. If you need to see an administrator, teacher, or guidance person in the East Building, we ask you to park in the Visitor spaces that will be designated in the Gym parking lot.


Dr. John Pearson, Superintendent