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County School Facilities Sales Tax Information

posted Mar 21, 2017, 2:38 PM by John Pearson   [ updated Mar 21, 2017, 2:42 PM ]

Dear EAWR Parents and Community Members:

In just a couple of weeks (Tuesday, April 4, 2017), the voters of Madison County will be asked to approve a proposal to provide funding to all county school districts through a 1% sales tax increase. The revenue from this sales tax can only be used to build or renovate school facilities or to make payments on existing bond debt. By Illinois law, this sales tax revenue cannot be used to pay  salaries, benefits, supplies or other operating expenses. 

The Board has plans to use the sales tax revenue to renovate various areas of the high school campus, which would be cost-prohibitive without this revenue and to provide some property tax relief to our taxpayers. Planned renovations would include the following:

·       Air Conditioning (most likely in some non-air conditioned classrooms, the Memorial Gym, and the East Building Courtyard)

·       Some building renovations (including student restroom renovations)

·       Possible construction of a multi-purpose “steel building” to house spring sports practice during rainy days 

In addition, future roof replacements, parking lot and sidewalk renovations and other ongoing renovations will be funded by revenue from the County Schools Facilities Sales Tax (CSFST).  As a result, much of the burden for funding public education facility improvements will be shifted from property taxes to a sales tax. This has the benefit of not only spreading the tax burden to all county residents, but to anyone from outside the county who works or shops in Madison County.

Below is how the ballot will appear on April 4th:

The 1% tax increase is projected to annually generate approximately $300,000 for EAWR District #14. The tax is collected as regular sales tax and is distributed by the Dept. of Revenue to the school districts (through the Regional Office in Edwardsville) based on student enrollment.

Acceptable Uses for CSFST Revenue:

  • New or remodeled school facilities
  • Additions and renovations        
  • Safety and security improvements          
  • Energy efficiency
  • Paying off building bonds

Unacceptable Uses for CSFST Revenue:

  • Salaries and Benefits
  • Instructional Costs
  • Textbooks and computers
  • Moveable equipment
  • School Buses
  • Operating Costs

 The County School Facility Sales Tax does not apply to:

  • Cars, trucks, ATVs, boats, RVs or mobile homes
  • Unprepared food (groceries)
  • Medicine (prescriptions drugs, vitamins & over the counter drugs)
  • Farm equipment, parts and farm inputs 

Remember … If it is not currently taxed, it will not be taxed 

As April 4th quickly approaches, please make sure you are well informed and do not forget to exercise your right to vote! 


Yours in education, 

Dr. John S. Pearson,