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Where to Find Required Posted Documents and Reports:

All of the following required documents can be found (if applicable) under the Documents Tab of this Website and are available in .pdf form

  • ISBE School Report Card    See Also Illinois Interactive Report Card
  • Contracts over $25,000 for current year           
  • All Collectively Bargained Agreements           
  • District Final Budget                                          
  • Administrator/Teacher Salary & Benefits Report
  • IMRF Employees MakingOver $75,000 Compensation Package
  • Shared Services Report
  • School Board Meeting Agendas/Notices (under separate folder)
  • School Board Meeting Minutes (under separate folder)
  • Annual Schedule of Regular Board Meetings (under School Board Agendas folder)
  • Annual Prevailing Wage Rates for Madison County (and adopted annual by school board action)
The following can be found at other locations on this Website:

Board Members Who Have Completed Leadership Training - Board and Administration Tab

Posted Policy on Bullying (Takes you to shared to policy folder in Google Drive)

District Assessment List can be found here

FOIA: Public Description of East Alton - Wood River Community High School District 14


District 14 was created in 1919 to provide public education to students in grades 9-12 serving the communities of Wood River, East Alton, and Hartford, Illinois. The District has one school: East Alton - Wood River High School. The high school provides a well-rounded and fully-accredited secondary education where students can excel in both academics and extracurricular activities and prepare themselves for post-secondary education and the work environment.

Below is an excerpt of Board Policy 1.30, which describes the mission and vision of the school district:

The East Alton-Wood River Community High School Team Will Work Together To Prepare Our Students To Become Productive, Responsible, And Knowledgeable Citizens Within Our Community.

We will: 1) Encourage our students to value education and take an active role in achieving their own academic success; 2) Create a challenging learning environment that sets high expectations for educational excellence; 3) Encourage parent, teacher, staff and community involvement in school improvement; and 4) Help our students develop high integrity and positive character that values family, community, leadership, hard work, and service to others.

If you wish to request public records - as defined by Illinois statute - please submit your request to: 
Dr. John Pearson, FOIA Officer
East Alton - Wood River CHSD 14
777 N. Wood River Ave. Wood River, IL  62095
(618) 254-3151 (Ext. 2502) 
(618) 254-9113 (Fax) 

Readily available documents - available for public inspection - are conveniently placed under the Documents tab at the top of this Website. These include, but are not limited to: District Budget, Annual Financial Report (AFR); District Audit; Teacher/Administrator Salary & Compensation Report; Collectively Bargained Agreement (Union Contract); School Calendar; et al. 

Here is a link to the on-line Board Policy Manual

Organizational Chart:

Total Amount of Operating Budget (FY 18): $7,801,517

Phone Information

General School Phone: 618-254-3151

Main Office: Ext. 2501

Attendance Center: Ext. 2520

Superintendent: Ext. 2502

Principal: Ext. 2522

Asst. Principal / Athletic Director: Ext. 2526

Ed. Tech. Director: Ext. 2555

Guidance Office: Ext. 2531

Maintenance / Transportation Director: Ext. 2561

Cafeteria Director: Ext. 2541

Business Office: Ext. 2511

Nurse’s Office: Ext. 2530

Regularly Employed Staff (as of July 2018):

FT Certified Staff (Teachers and Administrators): 40

FT ESP Staff: 24

PT Staff: 10